Shopify SMEs Consulting & setup service - half day by Shopify Setup & Marketing Expert.


Shopify SMEs Consulting & setup service - half day by Shopify Setup & Marketing Expert.

Consulting & setup service - half day.

- Shopify Present & Consult.
- Consulting & setup.
- No Programing or coding onsite. / We would take your Shop back and integrate useful system & coding or development by our Shopify Marketing Developer for you. (You have to pay more if you want us to develop your store.
- Some API Integration for Apps.
- Some install code for Apps.
- Some install code for any business tools.
- Some Apps advice for your business.
- Consulting
- Supporting
- etc. On Agreement

Only setup for some process and working with Shopify platform within half day. This's not building online Shop service - Can help you building for some main part only and the important part is development that our team would take it back and get it all done for you.

For some work we would not show you how to do it. ( It could be service that we have to take it back and get it done for you.)

Agreement to be made for what you need us to setup it for you before we come to your place.If we agree to get your setup done but can't get it done on the day that we service you we would take it back and finishing it.

If you would like us to setup on 1 things eg. setup 2checkout or fix problem with it, the price still be the same. This's minimum price that you have to pay for Shopify Setup Expert & Marketing Services. 

This is package for SMEs only, If you're Enterprise then we would charge you more on Enterprise base plan.

If a lot of setup or special setup works that have to  use more technical skill to get it done then you would be charged more.

*Only present & consulting at your business place for Shopify also get charged on this pricing plan for SMEs and get more charged for Enterprise. - The consideration of what to be charged and what's not is on us. - We can't handle free on site present or free on site consulting then client not buy service from us for so many times as our Setup & Marketing Expert officers have their jobs to get it done and get paid for it.

If you want free consult we already have it for you on our social media channel and we also have a blog content for you to read. Free consult 15-30 minutes -1hrs  & some free technical support only for the store owner that bought
Shopify Professional / Unlimited Plan or PLUS from us. If you not bought any Shopify plan then you have to pay for consulting - 15-30 minutes = 5,000THB and 1hrs = 10,000THB. 

We have helped so many people for free on small fixing and setup (No coding) on Shopify platform and we always help but only on the channel we have provided and based on case by case or
on our free time only because our time have value - you have to buy Shopify plan from us to get any help from us and we could help on small work only, if you use us on the jobs that take a lot of time then you have to pay for it.

*Free support not include coding or long time problem solving and you can't try to make our officer losing time/ you have to pay for our time.

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